"I attended Montessori Magnet school most of my life.  I made lots of friends and the teachers were great throughout the years.  Montessori gave me a great education, so I can succeed in middle school, through high school and college." Jack Terwilliger, class of 2009

"I have two children in the Albany Montessori Magnet school and I very much appreciate the quality of the teachers, staff, curriculum and facilities. Ms. Higgins and Ms. Baker are especially great! There is an atmosphere of quiet competence and care at the school. The positive attitude of everyone and the attention they give to the children's welfare is a great example of how an elementary school should be.” Parent of first grade and pre-K students

“I like the Practical Life work!” Pre-K student

“I love seeing the birds at the feeder outside our classroom window.”  First-grade student


“I like the fact that Montessori education values peace—that Montessori education is peace education.”  Parent of pre-K and First-Grade student 

“My son loves MMS and has had a great experience academically and socially. His teachers are excellent and have supported him in all aspects of his work. The Montessori method has provided a unique, flexible and continuous way of learning that has fitted his style perfectly.” Mother of first grade student


"The school is very good for my daughter. She loves the playground. Her schoolmates are very nice and friendly. The educational advancement is consistent with my wife's home-schooling and we look forward to our son going next year." Parent of a 3rd grader